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The mine Finstergrund near Wieden in the Black Forest

Good luck! Welcome!

Single visitor’s mine in the Black Forest with its little mine train in service!

It is a medieval silver and lead mine left open with recent fluorite and barite excavation. Since 1982 it is used as a visitor’s mine.

The visitor’s mine Finstergrund is a mine whose history dates back to the 13th century. My team and I from the miners assocation „Finstergrund“ Wieden manage the visitors, undertake professional guided visits inside the tunnels, work on projects and organize events. During a guided visit I as a mine guide explain technical and historical details concerning the tunnel and its origin.


Busy season: May till October                         Groups: 20 to 150 persons

Winter season: November till April                              

In the winter months the mine is not open regularly, special guided visits however are possible at any time on request.

Special guided visits:

Year-round possible upon prior appointment everyday from 9 am – 8 pm.

Depending on the snow condition it can be possible that the mine cannot be reached by car/coach. In this case the distance of about 620 m length with a vertical height of 90 m has to be realized by foot.

Length: from 1 h on                            Price: on request

Information for our visitors:

  • The mine guide’s instructions are to be followed at any time
  • Inside the mountain it is cold, the temperature constantly being at 8° C. It is therefore highly recommended to wear thick clothing and sturdy shoes. We deny liability for any damage that might affect clothing or shoes.
  • The ground is uneven and may be slippery here and there. There is a risk of stumbling on the rails.
  • Theft and damage to property (of minerals as well) will be reported
  • It is strictly forbidden to steal or damage minerals and crystals
  • In principle it is allowed to take pictures. When doing so, however, please kindly respect the personal rights of others (DS-GVO)
  • Groups of 20 to 150 persons. Please kindly keep in mind that according to the rules of action of the mine for groups above 20 persons a second mine guide has to be employed.

Especially for children I offer an adventurous underground treasure hunt

The somehow different children’s birthday party… All-season…!

Children’s birthday parties for up to 25 children

At the visitor’s mine Finstergrund near Wieden

The guided visit designed especially for children on mining and working underground. The demonstration and the employing themselves of hammer and pick turn the guided tour into a special experience.

  • 2,5 h programme with supervision
  • An adventure programme close to nature for children and adolescents from 5 to 15 years
  • Train journey into and out of the tunnel – single visitor’s mine in the Black Forest with its little mine train in service!
  • Guided visit suitable for children at ground level without climbing down a ladder
  • Its highlight certainly is the treasure hunt which is the reason why every child will go home „rich in stones“
  • Children’s birthday parties on working days as well as Saturdays and Sundays… Year-round!
  • Afterwards take a seat in the cosy beer garden or in the snug mine hut and enjoy the splendid typical Black Forest nature around the visitor’s mine. We offer you a huge snack menu as well as a great variety of drinks.

Price: On request

Über mich

Cèdric Paluch geb.1970 in Frankreich , Amiens – Region Picardie

Executive Manager von Black Forest History & Excursion.

– Seit 1989 in Freiburg / Schwarzwald wohnhaft und tätig.
– Ausgebildeter Museumsführer VHS Oberes Bregtal e.V
– Bergwerkführer im Museums-Bergwerk Schauinsland (bis 2018.)
– Aktives Mitglied seit 2019 im Bergmannsverein & Besucherbergwerk Finstergrund
Wieden e.V



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